My Portfolio


A fast, multi-threaded Pi calculator.

Language: C++
Repository: willeccles/calcpi-cpp

One of my favorite projects, calcpi is a Pi calculator implemented using a very optimized version of the Nilakantha series, the fastest-converging infinite series for Pi. This project can use any number of threads your hardware can support, use as many iterations as you'd like, and express the answer with any precision you'd like. This project taught me most of what I know about C++11's threading, and helped to strengthen my knowledge of algorithms.

Treehouse Center Website

The website for the Treehouse Center for Children and Families, LLC.

Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

In a world so focused on the internet, it's important to have a presence on the web. For the Treehouse Center for Children and Families, this came in the form of a website. They approached me a requested that I produce for them a website. Using strictly HTML and CSS (no WYSIWYG, minimal Bootstrap), I produced a functional, easy-to-use website for their patients and families.


A simple-to-use but fully featured GUI for Minecraft servers.

Language: Java
Repository: willeccles/minepanel

Using a Minecraft server for the first time can be tricky, especially if you are not technologically advanced or if you are unfamiliar with how command lines work. Luckily, MinePanel takes care of this issue for you. Not only does it help you configure and run your server, but it allows you to add custom commands to your server that anyone can use. The commands are written in a very simple "scripting language" of sorts that works based on Minecraft's built-in commands. This project was written in my free time for no particular reason, but it was fun in any case.


A game made with a group for a class.

Language: Java
Repository: willeccles/wavegame

In one of our software engineering classes at Quinnipiac, we were given a mostly functional (but very buggy) game written in Java and were tasked with fixing, improving, and customizing it over the course of the semester. Our group was very ambitious: we added more gamemodes, images, sounds, and more importantly, multiplayer. With over 450 commits in one semester, we put hundreds of man-hours of work into this project, and it came out pretty nice. Wondering about the name? That's the very creative name the project was given before we got it. This project taught us mainly about project management and scrum, but we had a blast and went way too far with our modifications anyway.


A useful weather app for Android, including location-based weather.

Language: Java (using the Android SDK)
Repository: willeccles/weathermaster

For our final project in an Android development class, my partner and I wrote a fully functional weather app using a weather API, Google Maps for location services, and a lot of time and effort. This project took around three weeks and reinforced our knowledge of the Android SDK. While it's fairly basic, a lot of work went into this app and we are very proud of the final project.